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Pet Hygiene Wipes for Teeth, Ears, & Eyes, 50pcs

Pet Hygiene Wipes for Teeth, Ears, & Eyes, 50pcs

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Product Name: Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes
Product weight: about 159g
Product size: (approx.)4*8cm/1.57*3.15 inches

Packing List:
Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes*1 box (50pcs)

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1.Natural Green Tea Protection: Promotes clean ears & teeth. Our dog ear cleaner wipes have a unique formula with green tea extract for effective cleaning of pet's ear canals and teeth. With regular use, your furry friend's ears and mouth will stay healthy and refreshing, preventing odors and harms.

2.Removes Earwax and Dirt: Achieve a cleaner and healthier pet ears with our dog ear cleaner wipes. Removing earwax and dirt helps prevent ear-related health issues, making ear cleaning a breeze for you and your pet.

3.Ensures Optimal Hygiene and Safety: Ensures hygiene and safety Keep your furry friend's ears clean and healthy with our Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes. Designed as other finger cushions, these wipes can be safely discarded after each use, preventing cross-contamination between pets.

4.Itchy Relief: Our dog ear cleaner wipes provide superior relief by removing dirt, wax, and debris from your pet's ears, while moisturizing and conditioning the skin. Use them to soothe your pet's itchy areas, enhancing intimacy in neck, back, abdomen and more. They can also help to scratch and relieve any discomfort your pet may have.

5.Multi-Purpose and Soothing: These wipes are suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats, and can effectively remove dirt, wax, and debris from their ears. Give your pet a healthy routine care with these soft and moist wipes.
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