Terms & Conditions

what is included in our price guarantee?

  • The competitor must have the identical product in stock at the moment you're making your purchase with us.
  • This guarantee applies to single order prices.
  • Our Price Match Promise is valid only at the time of purchase. We're unable to adjust prices for past or future transactions.

what is exclude from out price guarantee

Here's the nitty-gritty on what our MR.GIFT Price Match Promise doesn't cover:

  • Exclusive discounts, like those for staff or insider perks.
  • Offers that involve cash-back, gift vouchers, or are bundled with other products.
  • Bulk buys or wholesale deals.
  • Fire-sale finds, including liquidations, clearance items, and end-of-the-line stock.
  • Anything that's seen better days, like short-dated or damaged goods.
  • The non-tangibles: services such as insurance, pampering sessions, washes, and pet adoptions.
  • Listings on marketplace, auction, or classified sites.
  • The extra miles: shipping or delivery costs are out; we match on the sticker price alone.
  • Unreal deals: prices that dip below our own cost.
  • Done deals: we can't tweak prices on purchases you've already made.
  • Rainchecks: future sales aren't in the cards.
  • Double dipping: sorry, no stacking discounts on top of our Price Match Promise.
  • And a heads-up: we might cap the quantity on price-matched products, just to keep things fair.

For all the fine print and extra details, swing by our Terms & Conditions page.