Security Policy

MR.GIFT Safe and Secure Shopping

MR.GIFT is committed to safeguarding the privacy and personal information of its customers. We have instituted robust security protocols and undergone extensive independent evaluations to establish a secure shopping platform. When you submit personal details to set up an account or make a purchase, MR.GIFT employs SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure your information is protected online. This technology encrypts your data as it is transmitted through our website.

Each time MR.GIFT needs to collect your personal information, like your delivery/billing address or contact details, we establish a secure connection using SSL technology. This guarantees that your information is encrypted and securely transmitted to us, shielding it from unauthorized access or cyber threats.

We have put in place comprehensive security measures and access controls to safeguard the customer information stored on our servers. These precautions ensure that your data is accessible only to authorized personnel for legitimate purposes.

While we employ strong encryption, we cannot guarantee absolute security and thus cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to the information you provide.

Secure Payment Processing Shopping with MR.GIFT is secure and reliable. We have partnered with Braintree for payment gateway services to secure all customer credit card transactions. All payments are processed through Braintree's secure facility, adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to protect cardholder data.

Your credit card details are securely handled and processed entirely within Braintree's specialized systems, ensuring maximum security.

Secure PayPal Option MR.GIFT also provides a secure payment option through PayPal, offering this service at no additional cost. PayPal is renowned for its high security and assurance levels, safeguarding both customer and merchant from security risks related to payment accounts and credit card information.

For more details on PayPal, visit

To boost your confidence in shopping online with MR.GIFT, we've integrated 3D Secure technology, courtesy of Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This technology adds an extra layer of security for online credit card payments.

About 3D Secure Technology Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode are services that enhance security during online transactions. They introduce an extra verification step to confirm your identity, similar to entering a PIN during ATM transactions.

How It Works When you use your credit card for online purchases, you might be prompted by your bank to enter a security code or provide credentials sent via SMS. This verification process, handled by your bank, confirms your identity and completes your purchase with MR.GIFT.

You might need to verify your identity with MR.GIFT only once, but in some cases, further verification during transactions may be required. If you don't encounter a prompt from your bank, your credit card is considered secure, and you can proceed with your purchase confidently.

Availability These security services are available to customers whose banks are participating and have registered them for the service.

Participating banks include major institutions. If your bank is not listed, check their website for details.

If you are not registered for these services, and your bank requires verification for a purchase on MR.GIFT's website, you might be unable to complete your transaction. It's advisable to register for these security services to ensure a secure online shopping experience.