Toilet Training Your Kitten: A Simple 5-Step Guide

Toilet Training Your Kitten: A Simple 5-Step Guide

Toilet training a kitten may seem like a daunting task, but with patience and consistency, it can be a smooth process for both you and your new furry friend. Moving your kitten from the litter box to using the toilet is not only impressive but also practical, reducing the need for litter and contributing to a cleaner home. Here’s how you can achieve this in five straightforward steps.

Step 1: Gradual Introduction

Start by placing your kitten’s litter box near the toilet to get them accustomed to the area. This initial step helps your kitten associate the toilet area with their bathroom habits. Ensure the litter box is always clean to encourage its use.

Step 2: Elevate the Litter Box

Gradually elevate the litter box over a period of days or weeks. You can use books, boxes, or any stable platform to raise the box a few inches at a time. This step gets your kitten used to jumping up to their bathroom spot, mimicking the action they will need to use the toilet.

Step 3: Use a Toilet Training Kit

Once your kitten is comfortable with the elevated litter box, introduce a toilet training kit. These kits fit onto your toilet and usually include a ring that holds litter. Start with the ring filled with litter on the toilet seat, allowing your kitten to get used to standing on the toilet when they eliminate.

Step 4: Gradually Reduce the Litter

Over time, gradually reduce the amount of litter in the ring. This process helps your kitten adjust to the idea of not needing litter to go to the bathroom. Most training kits come with rings you can remove one by one to create a larger opening over the water, helping your kitten transition.

Step 5: Remove the Training Kit

Once your kitten is confidently using the toilet with minimal or no litter, it’s time to remove the training kit entirely. Supervise the first few times to ensure they are comfortable and know what to do. Continue to encourage and praise your kitten for using the toilet.


Toilet training a kitten requires time, patience, and gradual adjustment. By following these five steps, you can teach your kitten to use the toilet, leading to a more pleasant living environment and a unique party trick to show off to your guests.

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